About Us

Globe Minerals India Situated in Nasik India, Founded by Dhamma Madhukar Waghmare, Who started business as hobby in 1999. As runner (quarry Worker) when he was only 13 yrs old. Everyday he goes to quarry and works there, trims the black rock and collect the minerals, even present also. He is a brilliant person in mineral field, because of the rich test.

Globe Minerals India, exports to worldwide also in International market.with personal care of minerals. We ships by FedEx & DHL so customer get the items quickly, We participates World Major exhibitions with company name GLOBE MINERALS INDIA.

Our Locations are:

Hotel 267 Tucson City Center, Tucson. USA

E-26 Globe Minerals India. 22nd Street Show Tucson. USA

Denver Mineral Show. USA

VE1-616 Saint Marie, France

A6 162 Munich Germany

& China Hunan Mineral & gem Expo China.

We do business of cheaper, Medium & High End minerals, Big Geodes for Museum, Big Cabinet, small cabinet specimens, collector specimens,for Offices, Homes, for indoor / out door minerals specimens.

If you have any questions please contact to us by Email globemineralsindia@gmail.com.